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    How Sam met Danny. My own way. Sam has ghost powers! But Tucker doesn't. Sorry….

Fourteen year old Sam Manson, with her friend, Tucker Foley, were both at the movies, watching Zombies 3 this season. It was the weekends so they have some free time until Monday. Saturday morning, Sam walks in an alley, checking the place to make sure no one was around. Then, a bright ring around her waist appeared, separating themselves. Purple boots, black pants(the shirt is also black with some purple in the middle and the S symbol, which is black), white gloves, and hair, and violet eyes. They call her Samantha Phantom. Even though she hated the name they gave her, she had to keep her secret low and unrecognized.
Little did she know, one other person has the same thing like her.

In the evening, Sam was in a little situation that she couldn't do to solve it. She's in a studio building, trapped in their device, in a capsule that has enough room for her to move in.

"Stupid bad guy, trapping me in this thing!" she mumbled in anger.

But what she found out about this capsule is that it was ghost poof. How could these people make them ghost poof? The real question is, how will Sam get out??? Suddenly, she saw a light. Standing up quickly, Sam puts her palms and face on the glass and sees a boy, around her age with black hair, aqua blue eyes, plain  white shirt with a red oval in the center, blue jeans, and red and white sneakers. Sam had no time to waste and called out to him.

"HEY! KID, OVER HERE!!!" Sam shouted as loud as possible.

He turns to her, curious and shocked at once. The boy cautiously walks up to the capsule, staring at the ghost girl in awe. When he got closer, Sam could see his face clearly. It was tan but a little brighter.

"Hey, umm, do you think you could let me out of this thing?" Sam asked." I think there's a button over to your left."

He walks over to a desk and finds a remote.

"Yeah, that's it. Now press that red button in the middle."

He did what he was told and pushed the button. The capsule rose up, letting Sam out to stretch her body. It felt so good to be free.

"Thank you." she said, walking up to him. "My name is Samantha Phantom. But call me Sam."

"Danny Fenton." he said, shyly looking away.

"Nice to meet you. And again, thank you for letting me out of that stupid capsule. I thought I was going to be stuck in there all day. I mean, I would go nuts in there just doing nothing!"

Danny chuckles. "Your funny." he said.

Sam smiles. "Umm, why are you here?"

"Oh, uh, my parents left for a convention today and I wanted to explore the city we're living in."

"You moved here?"

Danny nods. "I never saw another ghost like you before."

"There's another halfa like me?" Sam thought.

"We should go. People aren't allowed in the studio." Sam said.

They walked down the sidewalk, talking to each other about their life and personal things when they came to Sam's house. She grabs Danny's arm and fazed threw her window. He lands on her bed, with her beside him.

"Your bed is really nice and bouncy." Danny said.

"Thank you."

The two were silent. Then, Danny lies on the bed, stretching his arm out. When he did this, his shirt rose up, exposing his belly. Sam saw his stomach, unable to look away. She had a strong feeling to tickle it so bad but she only met Danny for a few hours. She can't just tickle without asking him for permission. But she wanted to do it.

Her legs turned into a tail and wrapped itself around his waist. Danny sits up, but gets pushed back down on the bed.

"S-Sam?" he stuttered nervously.

"Don't worry, Danny, I won't hurt you."

The tail pushed his shirt up to his chest level, showing his entire belly. Sam lays on his chest, facing his stomach, wiggling her ghost tail in his navel. "EEEE!!!" Danny arched his back, screaming/laughing by the feeling of her tail tickling his bellybutton.

"When you said there was another ghost like me, who did you mean!?" she asked.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! IT'S A EHEHEHEHEEE MALE!!!!!!!!!" he screamed.

"What's his name!?" Sam demanded, tweaking his sides.

"AHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANNY PHANTOM!!!!!!!!!!!" Danny had tears streaming down his face, cheeks bloody red.

Sam thought for a moment before pulling her tail out of Danny's navel, and laying her hands on his stomach. Danny tries to catch his breathe for awhile, wiping away the fresh tears on his face.

"So if this Danny Phantom is here then…………………………… what if  Danny……………………… they both got the same name. So he is the ghost boy then." Sam thought. "I'm good at this stuff."

"This Danny Phantom person sounds very nice." Sam said, smiling.

"Well, he is." Danny said.

"You know him?" Sam asked, playing a surprising face.

"Y-Yeah, we're pals. I help him whenever he's in trouble with a ghost."


Sam rubs his belly, slowly, hearing a moan escape his mouth. He must like it. So, Sam gets closer to his tummy and dove her tongue into his bellybutton. Danny laughs and moans, with no movement to struggle or fight back to get away. He just lies there comfortably, enjoying himself. Then, Sam pokes the core of his navel with her finger gently. That got a really loud reaction from him.

"GYHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAHAHAHAT TIHIHCKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screams, squirming around violently.

She drew circles around his ribs, dragging her finger down his belly.

"AhahAHAhAhHAhaHAhAhAHAHA!!!" Danny tried to control himself but the tickling was unbearable that he couldn't handle it.

Sam suddenly blew a raspberry in his navel. He laughed so much louder now, screaming and bucking harder than before.


Danny tried to separate her lips from his navel but Sam holds on to his stomach and keeps blowing.


Sam stops, lying comfortably on his stomach.

"You don't have to do anything." she said. "I just love the sound of your laugh. And your belly is soft like a pillow. I would sleep on it all day. You're cute when you laugh, you know that?"

Danny blushed, feeling embarrassed. " She thinks I'm cute." Danny thought, blushing even further.

He rests on the bed, letting Sam caress his tummy so he would relax. In their mind, they both wonder in their heads about each other.

"I wonder if Danny likes me?" Sam thought.

"I wonder if Sam likes me?" Danny thought.
So Sam couldn't resist to tickle Danny but he seems to like it until Sam went alittle overboard :shrug:

But, they both wonder about one another. :heart: Danny ends up thinking if Sam likes him for tickling him. :giggle:

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